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deltamethod Traineeship

The time is coming: our new delta Traineeship Program started in September. We are happy to welcome our first Trainee Benedikt. We look forward to an exciting and successful collaboration.

Nevertheless, we are still looking for more motivated talents.

If you…:

  • have strong analytics abilities, numerical skills and problem solving aptitude
  • have deep interest in online business and high IT-affinity
  • have fun in developing, analyzing, controlling and reporting online marketing campaigns
  • are a communicative team player (German and English) with good management skills

…send us your application @jobs@deltamethod.com.

delta feeling

deltamethod is a fast-growing consulting and software company that offers ground-breaking solutions to online marketing, data science and business intelligence. deltamethod is headquartered in Berlin, Germany and we serve international clients worldwide. Clients trust our tools and expertise in radically transforming the success of their online marketing activities. Our dynamic team hails from all across the globe and is currently looking for sharp-minded and aspiring new talents to join our Junior Program. The program offers a highly analytical and comprehensive training in all fields of online marketing, preparing future top-level consultants and data analysts. On top of that deltamethod offers a lot of different benefits.

Feel our corporate culture and get some more impressions. Visit us @http://www.feelgood-at-work.de/workplaces/deltamethod-gmbh/

Quick Guide to Negative Keywords

One of the advantages of advertising products and services online is that you could directly target your potential customers. You could better target your audience by optimizing your Google AdWords Account.

The process of adding negative keywords to a paid search account is an important part of the optimization process, as it allows you to eliminate search queries which are unlikely to convert into a sale. Moreover, it directs the traffic to the keywords inside the account that are performing better and are more relevant. Also, negative keywords direct traffic to cheaper keywords (the exact match is usually preferred). In this way, you avoid traffic cannibalization.

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Call out: what makes your business stand out from the competition!

Sitelinks and call-outs are both ad extensions that tend to improve ad’s visibility and create more reasons for users to click on your ad. Use of  extensions effects Ad Rank calculation and helps your ads appear in higher positions. Sitelinks are links shown below the top three ads at the top of the search results page. They are meant to help users navigate the site of the advertiser and help them to quickly find the information they are looking for.

Callouts are additional text that allows advertisers to show unique offers and benefits of their sites, products and services. They were introduced by Google as of September 2014.

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How to deal with Google’s latest Changes in AdWords Close Variant Matching

Since the end of September, Google is rolling out a new change to the matching behavior of your keywords. AdWords now requires using close variants for all exact and phrase keywords and it is not possible to exclude close variants from your traffic any longer.

Recently, many advertisers have seen a huge boost in the number of impressions since the rollout of the latest update and there is a high chance that your ads are shown for non-desired search terms. Read more +

How to become an A/B testing master

3 simple rules that will revolutionize your performances! 

Ad testing is a crucial part of account optimization. Ads that perfectly fit the search query lead to better Quality Score, thus can reach higher Ad Positions for lower Cost Per Click.

And here the crucial question: how should the perfect ad look like? Read more +

“Low Search Volume Keywords” – What does it really mean?

What does “Low Search Volume Keywords” status mean?

When keywords in your AdWords account do not have enough search traffic on Google search, they are marked as “low search volume keywords”.  It indicates that they are not very relevant to most customers’ searches. As a result, Google makes those keywords inactive, so they will not trigger your ads until the search traffic for them increases. As soon as the search queries raise even by a small amount, Google will reactive those keywords to start triggering your ads and showing them again. Status of low search volume keywords is checked and updated once per week by Google system. Read more +

Celebrate the launch of our new Account Clinic

We are happy to announce the launch of our brand new tool, the deltamethod Account Clinic. Our latest product executes an excellent performance test of any AdWords account. It can analyze and evaluate your Google AdWords account within minutes. The Clinic gives a clear and accurate diagnosis of an account by taking all vital factors into consideration. Read more +

Social Extensions – Linking everything together

What are they?

Google’s +1s or social extensions could best be described as the equivalent of Facebook’s Like; a well proven concept which most Internet users already know the meaning of. By introducing social extensions into Adwords Google is trying to connect all the different parts of their community together. Read more +