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Social Extensions – Linking everything together

What are they?

Google’s +1s or social extensions could best be described as the equivalent of Facebook’s Like; a well proven concept which most Internet users already know the meaning of. By introducing social extensions into Adwords Google is trying to connect all the different parts of their community together. Because it doesn’t matter if your business page receives a +1 through an ad, through your website or directly on your business page; all +1s will be accumulated and displayed next to your business name in all of Google’s different channels.


What are the benefits?

One of the advantages with the social extensions is that they are easy to get and also fairly easy to improve (just get more +1s). Google is keen on spreading its social community which is why they have taken certain steps to make it easier for advertisers to implement social extensions:

  • Social extensions are automatically included in enhanced campaigns.
  • Showing social extensions will not prevent your other ad extensions from showing

The +1s serve as a confirmation for how popular your business is. A +1 from a friend or numerous other users could make a person viewing your ad more inclined to click it, giving you a nice boost in CTR. The extra line also increases the visibility of your ad which makes it stand out from smaller ads.


How do I get started?

Since the social extensions are automatically included for enhanced campaigns there are only two things which you have to do for them to work:

  • Create a Google+ page for your company.
  • Start building relationships in order to get a lot of +1s for your page.

Key Take Aways

  • Social extensions connect all your channels together
  • A lot of +1s can improve your CTR
  • The extra line increases your ad’s visibility

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