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Campaign Suite

Campaign Suite


DM-Client-Testimonials-Logo-Tirendo-01With the growth of our company, we were in search of a new software to get new leads & increase traffic. Not only does the automization from Campaign Suite enable us to create a huge amount of campaigns & adgroups. We were also able to expand our keyword portfolio on auto parts & accessories based on our feed directly!


DM-Client-Testimonials-Logo-Fashion-For-Home-01Our vision is to make ambitious design furniture affordable for all customers. Our special focus is to attract & maintain a strong customer base. Deltamethod’s Campaign Suite allows us to create search engine campaigns in a more effective & efficient way. As a result we are able to reach greater audiences & improve conversion rates.

Fashion For Home

DM-Client-Testimonials-Logo-Fashion-For-Home-01The Campaign Suite is an extraordinary tool to effectively manage large AdWords accounts. It helped us to create campaigns with millions of keywords and helps us to continuously optimize this vast amount of ads in-depth. As a result, we have reduced our CPO by almost 50% within 3 months. All that without much effort and Excel spreadsheets.


DM-Client-Testimonials-Logo-Kupi-Vip-01Using deltamethod’s Campaign Suite, ensures that our account comprehensively contains a huge number of long tail keywords and for each of them highly relevant text ads and sitelinks. It is truly an integrative and effective tool that we use to build massive campaigns in a manageable and structured manner.